Company Overview

Vsale is the first platform where ecommerce, social shopping and influencers marketing meet in crossroads to innovate, serve our communities and entertain our users. With plug-n-play social shopping technology, we provide Designers and Retailers with an all-inclusive ecommerce solution and offer Buyers an unforgettable and secure shopping experience. Our hybrid model includes:The App – A state-of-the-art mobile app that brings retailers, shoppers and influencers in our e-cosystem, a modern ecommerce mobile platform.The SaaS – A groundbreaking, white-label, fully customizable live shopping platform designed for Malls and large Retailers.

Our Vision

We dream of the first platform where social shopping with friends, influencers  marketing and e-commerce meet in crossroads to innovate, serve and entertain our users.

We envision shopping collaboratively with our friends and family, while avoiding  the hassles of sharing multiple images, screenshots, recordings and app switches.

We strive to democratize the access to modern ecommerce and social  shopping for small and medium enterprises to the benefit of our communities.

We aspire building a unique ecosystem in which Retailers Buyers and  Influencers cooperate and thrive together.

We imagine it all in one place where distance and time zones do not matter.

The Vsale e-cosystem, first of its kind.