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Would you consider

#getting to know your visitors to understand their shopping patterns?

#making your mall more attractive to merchants by providing  them with an ecommerce solution?

#growing sales and revenues outside the normal operating hours?

#expanding your client reach outside the borders of your mall?

#exploring the power of social media to generate new revenue streams?

Join the Vsale white label

Imagine a virtual shopping mall where your customers enjoy the ultimate shopping experience through video-calls, a virtual marketplace, digital payment processing and delivery options, all-in-one.

Join Vsale today and offer your tenants the opportunity to present and advertise their stores online whilst demonstrating their products in real time remotely. Vsale, a hybrid ecommerce platform, allows you to establish an online and digital presence without the requirement to create and maintain an online platform.

Offered as a bespoke, white-label solution, that can be integrated with ecommerce platforms, Vsale allows connected shops to provide their customers a seamless online shopping experience. It combines several promotional and e-commerce features such as real time video call, coupon and loyalty management, data analytics and social shopping activities to enhance the consumer’s experience and boost sales.

With Vsale you choose your operating hours!

The world is your oyster! No more mall downtime!

We developed an application through which your tenants have the option to sell their products online either through video calls or via your dedicated virtual marketplace.

Through these newly discovered channels, you can easily increase the visibility of the stores in the mall and at the same time enhance your monthly unique visitors.

There’s even more to it than that, as we offer reduced marketing costs compared to other channels.

Forget about setting up a website and maintenance logistics! We will have you up and running in a short while!

Customers tend to buy with confidence and get additional comfort from trusted sources and our reviews page. People acknowledge a cool product and nice service provided.

Social Shopping

Shopping with your friends through video calls. Its simply more fun when shopping with friends! Do you remember how many times, you were wondering which colour suits you best and needed the opinion of your significant buddy? Vsale connects multiple users during the same video call to share opinions and shop together!

Shopping with you favourite influencers. Occasionally, we will host influencers from around the globe who will join lucky customers in their shopping journey in your mall with Vsale! Who wouldn’t want to shop along with a famous instagrammer or ticktocker? After all, they ‘ve got the looks!

Are you familiar with affiliation marketing? We have reasons to believe that it will contribute significantly in your mall’s awareness the following years! With Vsale, you have access to all the right tools to transform your dedicated followers into brand ambassadors. Help them collect points and discount codes by sharing your mall with their friends and network.

Create a Wishlist or Gift list. Now at Vsale, customers can create their own wishlist, comparing prices and reviews! Save now, remember and buy letter! Vsale will boost sales through push notifications to make sure customers basket, remains a top priority!

Always remember, that Vsale is one more opportunity for your mall to shine!

Share your most trending or rising stores through social media, create a buzz and boost yout sales and visibility instantly!

Insights & Analytics

We at Vsale will assist you in maintaining your Online Business Scorecard, keeping track of your Key Performance Indicators in real time.

Some of the most common indicators are:

  • Returning Customers
  • Most valuable Clients (based on sales volume and spent)
  • Most trending Products (based on search or views)
  • Best selling Products
  • Time from Call to sell

Our solution will help you gain essential understanding of your customers’ shopping behaviour and bring them back to your mall whilst and at the same time benefit your tenants in maintaining a smartest inventory, forming a better pricing policy and promotional activities while ranking and pampering your beloved customers.

Loyalty & Client Retention

Vsale has developed a Customer Loyalty Program with easy access to each one’s details and preferences!

Through our platform you will know their style, buying trends, spending patterns and frequency of visits to your application.

Build a relationship of trust and become his favourite shopping habit!

Generate your own push notifications with special offers addressed to a worldwide network or be tailored to your dedicated customers preferences!

Indulge your audiences by creating your promotional codes and sharing it online via a coupon management system.

Let’s have a chat!

Join Vsale today and start selling!