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Are you a store or brand owner ?

# looking for new ways to upsell and cross sell products online?

# thinking how to increase your market share and attract new customers?

# aspiring to utilize the power of social media to maximize your sales potential?

# struggling to keep up with the hottest and most promising trends in digital selling?

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Imagine a virtual shopping world, where your customer enjoys the ultimate shopping experience through video-calls, a virtual marketplace, digital payment processing and delivery options, all-in-one.

Join Vsale today, the platform that offers you the opportunity to present and advertise your store or brand online whilst demonstrating your products in real time remotely.

Vsale is your partner that allows you to establish an online and digital presence without the requirement to create and maintain an online shop.

Vsale is a hybrid ecommerce platform, featuring live video call shopping & streaming, accompanied by a management system that enables your shop to virtually connect with customers (live or by-appointment), offering secure payments and logistics solutions in a fully customizable marketplace.

Digital Marketplace

Operate anytime  – no more store downtime

Get additional channels to sell your products

Enjoy reduced marketing costs compared to other channels

Join our secure marketplace that buyers trust

Offer additional comfort to your customers through Products and Services reviews

Greater transparency – availability, prices and stock levels are easily accessible

Social Shopping

Shopping  with friends through video calls

Shopping with favourite influencers

Affiliation marketing – transform your followers into brand ambassadors

Share your favourite products through social media and raise awareness of your brand

Create a Wishlist or Gift list

Insights & Analytics

Get access to your Key Performance Indicators:

Returning Customers

Most valuable Clients (based on sales volume and spent)

Most trending Products (based on search or views)

Best selling Products

Time from Call to sell

Gain essential understanding of your client’s shopping behaviour and generate smarter inventory, better pricing and valuable customer ranking

Access to New Markets

Increase your client base by tapping to  a worldwide network

Engage your clients all year long, regardless of your location.

Beat the seasons and sell your stock throughout the year

Be part of the Vsale community and stay up-to-date with the global trends

Vsale App

Select your favourite category and start shopping

White Label Solution

Your logo. Your branding.

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